Do you offer training for the device?

Training to us is the most important part of the sales support. We feel it one of the most important part of the device, that is, that the customers are fully aware of what the devise can do and how they are can be configured for operations. If requested by a customer, Implementation, Setup and Training of the BluSteel Device which we provide with a fee.

If the software has a problem what are the hours for your customer services

We are currently working to give full support during working hours in the time zone that the devices are sold. Our Canadian support can be reached at any time.

What is the delay time between communications from the device to the command center?

Delay times would be dependent upon signal strength on WiFi or LTE service. Under normal conditions it would be calculated in milliseconds, approximately 0.2ms.

Does the mic/speaker work for two-way communications?

The two-way communication works through either the WiFi or LTE network, if these are not available the communication would be dropped. The device would still be active on GPS for tracking.

How many units can be controlled simultaneously on the platform?

The platform can handle up to 9 devices per screen and you are able to have up to 10 screens. The fact is that a person managing the Control Panel could only effectively monitor up to 9 devices at a time according to the Security Patrol Data released out of the US.


Is it possible to synchronise databases of employees of 5 devices?

Yes, you can do that using sVMS2000. First, download all the data from an actual device into a folder on your computer and then upload all the records into other TempDetect Cameras.

Can you change audible messages?

Yes, we can if you place an order with required MOQ